Store Card Template above the upper margin line. use next cut/margin box. Margin line TIP: Use a blade and ruler and don’t cut “all the way” . Don’t use the guillotine... PERFUMED BURNING PAPERS

Each strip 3 3/4" x 3/4"
Mysterious matter on paper, 24 strips

Created in 1927 with over 30 resins and balsams from Eritrea and Somalia. Invented by a Mr. Casanova, a man who was deeply engaged in the air purification techniques of palaces and hospitals in Africa. A smell well worth a whiff, if only one time, sometimes a confusing whiff is better than a no whiff at all. An addictive odor. According to the instructions: burn to perfume bedrooms, offices and laboratories, remove tobacco odors, odors from the kitchen or the toilet! Use unburned to scent anything, a drawer, a car, a toy box, a closet. At this rate you have little to loose and anyway, it eventually all goes up in smoke. Burn this or burn money. I don't know how money smells when burned but I am certain someone has tried to perfume their home with it.