A Charged Letter

(or the case for paid love)

If you want to get some recurring ruminations, inspiration, travel tips, maybe even deals and meals, right into your already brimming but boring inbox, we have the most premier premium list for you! When you read the boring work emails or the usual promotions, of course you need a little something that tickle your cells or makes you forget just five minutes of that work. It's a little bit like a feed on a social platform that still looks like you are being productive reading email, but yes, we are taking a little $ for it to pay the costs involved having this site (and sending the emails, and also maybe make rent, and frankly a glass of wine once in a while). It hopefully won't be too annoying - an email or two a week, three if there's something pressing, one on a slow week. You can always cancel the subscription anytime! To make you take the plunge there's two weeks of our rubbish and gems before the subscription actually kicks in. Of course we hope you will forget to cancel just tag along with us! 

That translates roughly to a coffee from a cart a month, a deli coffee for a quarterly subscription, and a coffee-shop double-shot espresso for a whole year of silly and less silly stuff. If you want a financial incitement to do this, we'll send you a 9% discount code to use once on the shop. 9? Well, 10 is boring, and 9 kind of highlights that we are a little greedy to not give you 10, and somehow this entire paid mailing list is meant to feed our greed (and pay a bill). Take it or leave it! If you are a bit of a crook, you sign up, take your 9% and cancel. Don't be that crook, karma will get you later if we don't! ( That's probably the subject of a later email). Enough of this, just show me a credit card now! 

Remember, like a puppy, we love you, but we love the feeding master a little more! 

Woof, Wiff, just a little, please?