Shipping is either with USPS or Fedex. There are a variety of options but we recommend USPS Priority mail which is a fast, inexpensive, trackable and the insured solution.  Express mail is the same but faster!  First- class mail, it is cheap, you take your risks. Try the US mail service, you might be pleased!

As they say themselves: "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds". We believe it's true. If you ever need to use a carrier, they are the right choice for so many reasons!  But Fedex works great too and provides quicker tracking if something goes wrong.

In exceptional cases, we might ask you to chip in if our package cost ends up a lot higher than what we charge you (think sending a really tall item, a really wide item and a really heavy item to, say Inner Mongolia and you have the perfect storm of postage charges). If you have us ship you a postcard it probably costs us a little less - thanks! We could use the cash - and other things will cost us more than you paid in shipping. That's life, we live with it, hope you can too.

If you have special shipping needs, feel free to contact us!

We are not joking, they are the best. (Image from USPS of course)