Blow Pipe
Blow Pipe

Blow Pipe

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26" x 3/4"ø

It's so simple it's complicated to get across just how smart this thing is. You use it to get your fire going, just like you would use a bellows. If the name didn't already give it away, it's a pipe. That you blow into. I have one. (Don't blow my pipe please, you can now have your own pipe to blow.) So, if you have embers of sorts in a fire that are not hot enough to get a flame going, take this pipe and jam the flattened end into those embers and, yes, blow. Blow, blow, blow until the fire starts, then blow two more times. I have seen luxurious, shimmering brass or even wood versions of the same, all intricately ornamented. However, luxury is a word I never like to say. A very basic blow-pipe / blow in the pipe / blow my pipe / gasket.

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