Bottle Stopper Pair

Bottle Stopper Pair

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Compressed Foam

When we start working on any collection, we begin by asking our contacts for local contacts and then we ask those people for tips, suggestions, ideas, where to stay, places to crash, homes and studios to invade. Sometimes the information starts to pour in, other times...not a trickle. Whether the result of our initial efforts is a shower or a mist determines if we go to a place or not. That's our version of practical planning. With our call for suggestions, come images of objects and other things. From Romania, there were food items, various wood stuffs, the weird dolls, the twines and ropes that every country has and then, a bottle stopper? Really...Romanian? Why would it be? The same person sent a whole batch of things that felt really Romanian, and then this? But think about it, every person brings their own set of impressions and memories to every life experience, even to a call for objects. It was only when I learned of that person's slight fixation with Mr. Brancusi's "Endless Column" did it dawn on me why he included these bottle stoppers. These little guys, when stacked, form a beautiful "Endless Column" of one's own. So in a way, you could say these stoppers are the essence of Brancusi's - a Romanian's - work. Did he have these in his studio? Let's stop right there. All that information aside, you can say that these also work as a very handy bottle stopper, much more so than the French sort with the metal lever which tend to lose their u-mph, u-mph, fizz, fizz over time. 

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