Chestnut Knife

Chestnut Knife

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Steel, Walnut Wood

A chestnut knife made of walnut wood. Doesn’t that sound a little strange? Shouldn’t it be made out of chestnut wood? I’m still trying to find the person responsible for that decision to ask him or her why that is. One good way of opening a walnut is with a knife, so it would upset me a little if the walnut opening knife would have a chestnut handle. Even though I do understand that walnut makes for very good handles, as long as they use the wood and not the meat of the nut. With that distraction out of the way, obviously what we have here is a knife made specifically to score the chestnuts crosswise on the top before you grill them deliciously.  So you know, I have used this knife for paring all sorts of non-chestnut goodies and it does the job very well.

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