Crystal Ball Bubbles
Crystal Ball Bubbles

Crystal Ball Bubbles

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Plastic, Chemical Compounds that probably are unhealthy if overused, however, certified by the EU
20 grams

Have you, like I, found yourself late at the office with the task of writing a report on something. Or been forced to be at a desk because some overlord is demanding you file a tax return? I get really bored when that happens and I suspect a few of you do too. My solution is to check my desk drawers for something to excite and energize me a bit so I can go on with the task of real life, hence, I keep a tube of this in places that tend to be boring. A little squeeze, a huff and a puff, and you just colorized the taxes or the report to the point of almost actually being able to finish the task. Imagine a world where soap bubbles are frozen in time and tax forms are viewed through a colorful round haze. Where balloons can be made on demand by oneself in any size, shape or form. It does not pop, splatter or disappear. It’s my kaleidoscopic glasses in a tude, it’s made to turn the world upside down. It’s magic too. PLEASE NOTE: this product is only certified for use in the EU, so please if you buy this product, only use it within the European zone or don't tell me about it. Also, comes in assorted colors, it is random what you will receive. Fun!

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