Japanese Incense Kunsho
Japanese Incense Kunsho

Japanese Incense Kunsho

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Cambodian Aloes wood Blend
Approx. 60 sticks
Burn Time : approx. 30 minutes per stick

Some scents never leave the memory. The smell of summer, unique to each of us, a certain attic odor that brings recollections, an herb that reminds you of one walk in nature. This incense Kunsho is a recollection scent for me. It is Kyoto, the mornings, the temples, the timeless shops I encountered here and there. It is the beauty and the clarity of the place all in one. It's travel and longing and comfort in the remaining visions I have from many years ago. It is kindness and gentleness, softness and falling. It is a scent that covers and clears the air.

Described as a rising scent, Kunsho is a a traditional blend of aloes wood and sandalwood, with incense herbs and spices. It is one of the most refined items the maker produces. Baieido dates back to the Muromachi period (1338-1573). At the time, the founder, Kakuuemon Yamatoya, was a wholesaler of medicinal herbs in Sakai, a well-known trading port where incense trading was in high demand. In 1657, the founder named himself "Jinkoya Sakubei" and specialized in selling incense ingredients and incense sticks. "Jinkoya" translates as aloes wood trader and was a name peculiar to Sakai; only medicinal wholesalers who specialized in incense were authorized to use this name. It is most possible this scent originates from that period. It is concentrated so I only burn half a stick at a time, one of those special things, it is a pleasure it only lasts for so long.

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