Kendall Glover
Kendall Glover

Kendall Glover

Born in 1987, Richmond, Virginia

When you look into a reflection you see something immediately, at once. But then, if you look long enough you see a repetition over and over again. Like ripples on water, a reflection is an echo created by man and nature. What is it that makes reflections so unique from the rest of what we see?

I see these works by Kendall Glover and I think of the reflecting ponds at the Salk Institute. Where there is a reflection there is the possibility of endless abyss. The same can be said for multiples that become out of this world when something is slightly modified in each, not an obvious shift, such as a color, but slight modifications to the placement, the scale, the touch. Changes made with deep precision but modified just enough to throw you off, to mess with the thought process a little bit, to pull you into the abyss even more. Does Kendall realize what she is up to? I believe she does.

She is prone to hard lines and precision in her work while at the same time she has a profound sensitivity to the nature of color.  She began working with this type of collage during a residency at the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation in 2016 and the use of the word “Variant” in the title is borrowed from Albers himself. One can see the clear relationship of her work to his color studies. My feeling is it is not easy for Kendall to let her mind go loose, but in color she finds endless freedom.

Is the form represented in this series, called “Duo 6, Variant 1-7”, a literal representation of something she had seen or does it come from her mind? Is it a reflection or  recollection? I wonder. She writes, “The ubiquitous form of the arch is appealing for its ability to at once reference architecture and the human form. Line becomes a result of planar relationships, while color is used to unite, repel, agitate, and explore the various ways parts can be combined to form a whole.”

Tensions play out, colors combine, curves flow. The work is both human and from another world. She also works in three dimensions using plaster, wood, metal, always with the same precision, consideration and steady, slight and careful modification. Just enough.

Kendall Glover is currently living in London, studying for her masters degree at Goldsmiths.