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11"ø x 2"
Rye, Corn Flour, Water & Salt

Found in the U.S. as square or pie-shaped dry crisps of rye wheat (we do like those too), the original shape was, of course, round, with a one-inch hole in the middle to allow the crackers to hang near the wood-burning stove to dry. Conceived some thousand years ago, the breads of today look more like they did five hundred years ago. Originally made with only rye, barley, yeast, salt and water, today some corn flour is added for taste. Lately, extra-baked seconds have gained a reputation of being the most yummy of them all and have become hugely popular. This particular flatbread is one of these extra-crisp, full-flavored collections that you can't stop eating. The recipe for this particular bread came from a lady working at the factory and spending her summers the way farmers used to: she brings her cows to the woods and highlands, and since you need food that doesn't go bad, knäckebröd is the right thing to bring to keep you going during those bright nights. Our favorite recipe is a knäcke-sandwich with a little butter, smashed avocado, really thin slices of a mild hard cheese, thinly sliced ripe tomato, topped with black pepper and salt. It’s the perfect lunch when paired with a small glass of beer or flädersaft... oh, springtime!

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