Lavender Soap

Lavender Soap

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Hold it! You can order, but our shipments won't go out until end of January / beginning of February, as we are organizing ourselves after our show. It's an inconvenient truth!

3" x 2" x 1"
Soap & Lavender

Washing has never been this good, I say. Bits of lavender dispersed within, made with local lavender in small batches. No matter what the local soap store tries to sell us (by jamming perfumed little sticks in our faces when we pass by every morning), we refuse to succumb to anything but this very pure, very natural, very delicately scented soap. No colorings, mind you! Who wants a bar of lavender soap that is lavender? It's excess on excess! Things like that really get under my skin! No pun intended! This is one of those products we had at home for some time and friends asked us to bring into KIOSK. Well, here it is! Please note, the maker has now shuttered, we received the last of what they had so if you like it please stock up, this is it! sniff, sniff...

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