Marzipan Modulor

Marzipan Modulor

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6" x 8"

Mr. Modulor, a man Mr. Le Corbusier or "Corbu" created in 1943 to establish a standardized system of measurement. And so, you are likely saying, ok, I got it but what's with the marzipan; that is where André comes in. André is the pâtissier of the "Regency", the local pâtisserie in the Unité d'Habitation, a building in Marseille of which the Modulor governed the proportions. This is André's souvenir for the building. I was gifted one 15 years ago by Marco and it remains in the pantry of our apartment. I could not face eating the man. Since April we have been living in the building and I can say, the Modulor works, being with his proportions has changed my view and concept of space. Somehow, it just is. I am a woman but it matters not, I can say for certain the system works. Please note, this marzipan is not to life sized proportions. There are no mini-men. 

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