Roma Rings

Roma Rings

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Hold it! You can order, but our shipments won't go out until end of January / beginning of February, as we are organizing ourselves after our show. It's an inconvenient truth!

0.75"ø, adjustable!
Metal & Plastic

I never haggle. But when the colorful Roma woman selling me these told me two prices over the course of two sentences, I figured I was in my full right to. The husband magically appeared and the price-quantity-quality negotiation was in full bloom. How many rings did they have? Was it even worth counting? I pulled out my cash. Wait, a third are broken! The man starts pulling bills out of my hands! I pull them back! After the money involuntary changed hands several times and another batch of mostly broken rings showed up, we settled on a price that was disappointingly acceptable for us both and I let the bills rest in the man's hand. A shot of tuica was offered with smiles and the woman told me how easy it was to fix the broken rings and sent me off with another batch of half-broken rings in addition to the ones I got. Set of three for extra strong persuasive powers. Random colors as I'm already hypnotized when sending it to you. For money! Give. Me! Now, more! Always, often, cash, zzz. Transfer! You like. $.

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