Sophie Kitching

Sophie Kitching

Born in 1990, Isle of Wight

A gentle falling in love. A floating down a stream. An embrace. A calm. A sway.

Sophie Kitching's work to me is about sensations. She sees and feels them, takes them and then transmits the feeling through objects, a painting, a cluster of things, a neon, confetti falling. It’s nothing I can firmly nail down, it’s just present. It’s based on illusion. 

There was smoke and there are mirrors...

She works with common materials trading up what you are accustomed to for something beyond. For her show at us called Window Series she has produced a number of new works, both paintings and sculptures. Tell me what you see when you look at them and you'll look at me with a dumb stare. They are ether, they are air, when you enter them you go to the other side. You know you are looking at beauty but you are not certain if you have been here before. Time and place shifts. 

Sophie has already had a number of solo and group shows. She studied in Paris and currently lives in New York. She is on the up and up. We are very fortunate to have a body of her work with us as our first gallery show and opening in Marseille.