Surprise Ball
Surprise Ball

Surprise Ball

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5" ø
Paper & Assorted Surprising Things

One day Ming, mentioned Gina, her mother’s friend, when she was describing this really cool thing called a "Surprise Ball" that Gina had made for her and her brother when she was a kid. Surprise Ball? What is that? After a few weeks, Gina wrote that she had sent Ming and I a package - a Surprise Ball for each of us. You know, I look at A LOT of stuff all the time but this was REALLY cool, like goo-goo eyes, whoa-ness. I asked Gina about them, she summed it up so well I have to quote her here: “From as far back as I can remember, be it a ring from a gumball vending machine, a Cracker Jack prize, the thrill of a piñata, Christmas stocking treats, I have always been drawn to small things. The desire to include items that are ephemeral, whimsical, charming and/or amusing set mine apart from others - this is what I hope. It’s the quality of the goods (and sometimes the rarity) that matters...for some it may be hard to open (and I kind of like that) but people are never disappointed by what they find inside.” Have fun opening it and finding a minimum of 15 surprises inside! Every object is a rare thing, mostly vintage trinkets from all over the world.

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