Yo-Yo Balloons

Yo-Yo Balloons

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Rubber Latex, Rubber & Plastic

Yo-yo balloons are simple fun; easy stuff... tie the elastic to one finger and bounce it off your hand. Beauty in physics, the weight of the water inside propels the ball back and forth. A boing! A Japanese creation by all accounts, yo-yo balloons are popular during the summer Matsuri festival as prizes in a game called “Yo-Yo Tsuri” which is a bunch of balloons floating in a tub of water and players attempt to "fish" the balloons out with various tools. It’s not as easy as you think. We first came across the yo-yos at the annual Strawberry Festival in Floral City, Florida in 2008 and then outside a Japanese temple in 2010. I have never imagined Florida and Japan would share something in common but here you have Yo-Yo - a water filled balloon for hours of fun! Will last for a few days depending on the conditions. Possible to re-inflate with some craftiness. Best to store out of the sun!

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