We are now open at 41 Union Square West, #925 (but the best entrance is on 22 E 17th St - between the saladeria and the sushiria) . Thursday & Friday 12 - 7 during summer is our only promised hours, but knock if you pass by; we are often in! And we'll surely be instagramming: @kioskkioskny

Abloy Padlock
After Modern History Books
All You Can Eat Press Maps
Aluminum Hook
American Whistle
Audubon Bird Call
Baby Rattle

A collection of objects pulled from our past collections. Not only the best of show but the things we really love and believe in. Amazing objects from all over the world assembled here in one place for you. It really is ON-GOING.

3 Towelettes
Acropolis Museum Postcards
Biriba Notepad
Coffee Pot
Delivery Tray
Glitsa / Plastic Snake
Greek Children's Slippers
Greek Nightlight

Clarence's clearance! Room for doom or gloom! Help us help you to save money by giving us money (how's that for a win-win situation?). The deal is real! Ours can be yours!  Once these items are gone they are gone, so act now or regret later! NOTE NOTE! Sale items are FINAL.

Hermetus Bottle Opener
Famos Vegetable Peeler
Citra Sipper
Danish Dish Brush
Metal Clips
Horsehair Hand Broom and Red Metal Dustpan
Red Sugar Bowl
Shaker Onion Basket

The whole kit and caboodle. I always wanted to write that... Everything we have ever had here at Kiosk, for real, no joke, this is the sum of it all. What are we doing and what have we done? It's Everything...