PSA: We are at 540 LaGuardia Place. Ground floor of all things. Closed for Xmas until Monday the 29th. Closed December 31 & January 1. Open January 2nd with normal hours from 12 - 7, Tuesday - Saturday, closed Sunday and Monday. Holiday returns OK until January 15, 2015!  THANKS

Fake, spill, art, stuff. Made in Miami. Fake spills for any season or reason. The joy is in the giving. Works multiple times. Childish but also collectable. Easy to visualize the joke. Hope they make you laugh. Pass on the love. Happy Holidays! HA HA, HO HO.
We tried to solve the mysteries of the western east or the eastern west but came home with things instead. Very limited quantities and we will not be able to get these things again, so if you like something, make a move!

A collection of objects pulled from our past collections. Not only the best of show but the things we really love and believe in. Amazing objects from all over the world assembled here in one place for you.


Clarence's clearance! Room for doom or gloom! Help us help you to save money by giving us money (how's that for a win-win situation?). The deal is real! Ours can be yours!  Once these items are gone they are gone, so act now or regret later! NOTE NOTE! Sale items are FINAL.