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Citra Sipper



When I began thinking about Florida, the first item that came to mind was the Citra Sipper. At the time I did not know the name, nor had I ever tried one but I always wanted one. I wanted onebad. But when I was a kid in the wilds of New Jersey, this thing was only rumored to exist, witnessed by a few lucky neighborhood pals who visited their grandparents in Florida every winter. This was before the time when documenting your holiday with video was common, so no one ever showed me the SIP in action. They only described it to me with much relish, and one person, after I demanded proof of the mythological Floridian beast, actually managed to provide evidence in the form of a Polaroid photo (albeit I could not tell if they were sucking the orange and just pretending or if the SIP was actually there). The proof was shoddy! However, I being myself, always longed for this THING that allowed you to drink directly from an orange. Delicious, delectable, and tracked down for you, by us, and still unimaginably MADE.IN.FLORIDA. Launched at the 1933 World's Fair by the current owner's grandfather, the SIP works great with Valencia and juice oranges. NOTE: comes in 4 different colors!

Green/ Orange/ Red/ Yellow