Claes Oldenburg: Store Days

Claes Oldenburg: Store Days

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Something Else Press, 1967

This early publication contains scripts, observations, magazine clippings, and notes from Oldenburg’s Store, 1961 and the Ray Gun Theater. As stated on the dust jacket, “Store Days is the remainings of the most significant monument of early 60’s New York Art.” Also includes a pristine example of the original business card for "The Store" (at 107 E. 2nd St.).

In the winter of 1961, Oldenburg circumvented the practice of selling art through a gallery by opening a storefront on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and selling his work there. Among the unorthodox, eclectic offerings were sculptures of undergarments and slices of blueberry pie and other pastries made out of painted plaster. To advertise this bold endeavor, Oldenburg created business cards and stationery as well as other printed matter.

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