At KIOSK we feature the things that generally go unnoticed, everyday objects that are the result of local aesthetics and needs. Our motivation is to give attention to these anonymous objects and support independent producers around the globe.

We began KIOSK in New York City in 2005. At the time, downtown Manhattan was changing; the interesting, unique places filled with inspiration were quickly disappearing. We felt an urge to fill the void. We decided to create a place where people could look, learn, touch, and talk about what we were showing while also feeling free to wax on about anything in the world.

From the start we made a decision to be self-sustaining and KIOSK operated as a store to fund itself and our process of collecting. Over time our project has been thought of as a shop by some, a museum by others; an art installation as well. Almost everyone on their first visit would say, “What is this place?” It was always just “KIOSK”: our office, studio, an installation, a store, a happening, a workshop, a party, a whatever. We never completely define it: in that sense, the project is constantly changing. The ongoing common denominator is to show what people today produce. The overriding goal: to share.

At the beginning we created some parameters in order to get things done. We decided to source the objects we found, one location at a time. Our format remains very simple: we research, go to a place, search for very basic, common, independently produced, vernacular objects, meeting and talking to people along the way. We bring the items back; present them in an exhibition format and sell our finds to fund the next expedition. Easy. We believe every object tells a story and everything we show opens a conversation.

Today we have a KIOSK store at the ICA in London. We have taken a pause on collecting and instead are looking for a home for our archive collection of 1,300 objects. Our goal is to establish a place for everyday objects, made by today’s cultures. Our hope is that our collection is the beginning of a repository of everyday material goods to be infinitely expanded on, studied and loaned.

We share what we collect to encourage every person to go out, meet, talk, learn, see and show. You don’t have to travel far; look up, down and around… when you open your eyes fascination is everywhere.

- A.G 3/5/18