Something about the KIOSK BOOK, an object...

Firstly, the book is not yet produced, it is currently being worked on.

Is it so difficult to make a book? If we look at the object, a book is a series of pages and a series of sentences which are made up of words and words are made of letters, which is the alphabet and if one can write, one knows an alphabet, often since a very, very young age.  An alphabet, that's old hat. So when one looks at it that way, writing a book is easy because it's just about knowing an alphabet and forming some words with letters and some sentences from words and joining those sentences into pages. Simple.

What's hard is knowing how to join those sentences and then, those pages, together in a coherent way. Being coherent is difficult, writing a book, that's easy if you are coherent. Right on.

Subject matter is the guide. Does one focus on the past, present or future? Is it based on fantasy or reality? Do you write for oneself or one's audience? I am sure this is something professional writers address regularly in their work, over years. I am not a professional so luckily I do not have to consider such things, instead I write what I want but I work to make it coherent. So, we return full circle to coherence.

Let me be coherent. 

The KIOSK BOOK is about what we have done in the past, what we are doing in the present and what we will do in the future. It's about our intentions and our beliefs both as individuals and as group. Questions will be asked and answers will be given. There will be text and there will be images. Purposeful documentation is included. Clarity in the writing is essential, so is an enjoyable, stress free read. As in all the work we do, giving inspiration is a priority. 

The overriding theme of the book is the theme of KIOSK: look, listen, when you open your eyes beauty is everywhere.  
Especially in the coherent mind.

See, writing a book is easy... THANKS for taking the time to read this.