On the Radio! // WNYC
If you are curious, go to 1:14 to hear

Have archive, need home // GOTHAMIST
"KIOSK was a retail experience unlike any other...Now, the beloved emporium is looking for a new home for its archive of more than 1,500 objects "

Money talk // KRO
"Liksom de flesta konstnärer har jag en rätt dålig relation till pengar. Jag vill egentligen bara göra min grej, men Kiosk är i den meningen unikt eftersom att göra min grej å ena sidan innebär att vara kreativ och arbeta som konstnär, men å andra sidan utför jag mitt dagliga brödjobb genom att driva ett företag."

Pop-ed Up-ed // VOGUE
"In a city that has everything, during peak season for purchasing, Kiosk offers visitors the rare opportunity to slow down a moment. Shelves are modestly filled with items that most people will not have seen before, and are unlikely to see anywhere else."

The Anti-Amazon // Fast Company
"Kiosk reminds us that design is personal–even, or especially, when it’s a dear and uncommonly common object meant for everyday use. 'I hope people see what we do as a very open and honest take on art and commerce,' says Grifo."

Interview with one of us // Something Curated
"AG: KIOSK has always been a political project, we express and do exactly what we believe in, our beliefs are the first priority, and the goal is to impress our ideas onto people. Yet, also, KIOSK can be taken as purely enjoyable. I mean you’re shopping, you’re consuming, and people like to consume...We must remember that every dollar spent can be a political action."

About us at the ICA and other things // AnOther
"Kiosk’s latest iteration has popped-up at ICA, London. There, the objects are laid out as in an exhibition, except you’re welcome to pick them up, turn them in your hands, and buy them too – a novel thing indeed."

About our piece at PS1 // Artnet 
"Kiosk doesn't pretend that commerce can ever be completely taken out of our tool exchanges, but it seems to strive for capitalism with a human face. It's the best the art world can hope for."

Included in Holland Cotter's review of "Greater New York" at PS1 // NYT 
"In the case of Alisa Grifo and Marco Romeny... follow Gordon Matta-Clark... by running the combination mom-and-pop store and museum Kiosk."

Mentioned in PS1 review // Art News
"The New York shop Kiosk also gets a whole room to themselves to show quite a few of the thousands of sundry objects they have sourced and stocked from all over the world. I would quibble with this decidedly non-art (and gleefully consumerist) inclusion if the overload were not such a delight to behold."

The story of Kiosk // Fast Company
Designers like Achille Castiglioni and artists like Marcel Duchamp have long found inspiration in the readymade. The Kiosk Archive at PS1 is nothing short of a globetrotting show-and-tell of the world’s most unexpectedly inspiring objects.

Some items from our archive // Core 77
"Since 2005, KIOSK has been scouring the far reaches of the globe for the most beautiful (and functional) every day objects. Their storied storefront in SoHo was part exhibition space, part retail, part creative lab and community hub where uncountable openings turned into late-night dance parties...As part of MoMA PS1's "Greater New York," exhibition, KIOSK shares their entire archive in a maze-like installation that takes up an entire room of the museum. It's delightful, captivating and a bit magical to wander through..."

A mention about our Greek collection //  T Magazine /NYT
"...collected during a recent tour of Greece, which Ter Haar Romeny and Grifo chose not just for its cultural appeal but also for reasons of political and economic good will. 'We wanted to see firsthand how the economic crisis and austerity measures are affecting small communities,' Grifo said. 'Greece needs attention, and we can support the people there by buying their products.'"

Inclusion in the // Louis Vuitton City Guide 
"Hidden amidst the pomp and polish of Soho's fashion flagships, Kiosk is like a secret oasis of cool."

A mention about the Kiosk Paper // T Magazine / NYT
"Like any good curator, Grifo, who has worked as an interior designer and prop stylist, strives to tell the stories behind the products; to talk about people and their culture through the things that they make. To this end, she writes a brief, impressionistic (and often very funny) essay about every item that Kiosk carries. Now, with the help of friends and collaborators, the store is applying this approach to Kiosk Paper, a quarterly that aims to explore the world through words and ideas, not just objects."

Ideas being Illustrated is a good idea // Ideas Illustrated 
"We hope that we can offer a certain type of sincerity, humor and thought-provocation that is hard to come by these days."

We like plants, we like journals, we like Andy Rementer // Plant Journal

Monocle included us in their Small Business Guide // Monocle 

A holiday suggestion and flattery // The New Yorker
"The people behind Kiosk, a funky, highly curated boutique in SoHo, travel the globe, rummaging through hardware stores, street markets, and pharmacies so you can buy neato everyday items from from foreign places without getting jetlag."

A Christmas post, Yay Yay! //  T Magazine

Yay, we now have an outpost at Project Number 8 at Ace Hotel in New York. Mostly-Mid-Atlantic things. NYT BLOG

London London at SCP/KIOSK DEZEEN WALLPAPER TELEGRAPH. If you are in London please visit!

Ditto, Shopping with Harry Allen, thanks to all for the visits!
NYTHOME & GARDEN (and here is a pilfered screenshot as well)

Stephen Burks was shopping with NYT and came by us.
NYTHOME & GARDEN (and here is a pilfered screenshot as well)

We are mentioned on the same collection of blogs where they often mention Obama (ok, that could be anywhere). The …tataratarat (drumroll) taratarat tat tat .…


Ok, this is a biggie, please ignore the really bad portrait and take in the objects and places.

Matt Wolf, a great director and brilliant recent film, mentions us here! Thanks very much!

Dish brushes, keeping it clean!

Shopping with me, please visit these New York City shops!

Jason had a nice puche on his pouches, Congratulations! It was a great show. The bags and rain hats remain at KIOSK.

Steamer basket makes a great wedding gift! Thanks Greg! I like his other choices to, good advice!

ID has featured the Temple Street Calculator, for whatever reason doing the counting on this machine makes it much more enjoyable. Hope it gives more cash too!

One of my favorites, our red lampshade from Hong Kong was blogged by the Times! Lovely! Why buy expensive stuff!

And the RBW candle commissioned by KIOSK for the ICFF on Cool Hunting

An object by RBW from our first Mini-Exhibition was included in the Times round-up of the ICFF. (read down in the article) GO RBW! More of their work here: www.richbrilliantwilling.com

Have you used the Eat.Shop Guides? We use them while traveling. You can find us in the New York City guide, nice!

Live from Japan it is really HUGE

Well, I always called us the “Poor Man’s Moss”..the New York Times describes us as one of the 6 possible successors to THE design guru, jeeze, I am sweating…

New York Press really ROCKS, thanks

The vegetable peeler that started a revolution

From uptown, something from Columbia, we think it is really well written, good journalism!

We did a good little exhibition in Stockholm at the design group Uglycute, check out their work, www.uglycute.com

A nice write-up from a design magazine all the way in Singapore!

This listing really put us up there with some of the people and places we most admire, a truly humbling moment

It is always nice when someone writes something that makes us proud! A very nice comment, many thanks!

A little something in T, thanks to Jennifer Heslin over at the New Museum, please click on number 4.

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OK, the New York Times has done it again, a real retail review…

Japanese Esquire’s guide to New York City shops!

OK,OK, also NYT

Wow, putting us side by side with the MOMA, super nice layout too

What is it with these everyday objects…an article about KIOSK, Conran and MOMA.
I.D.1 I.D.2

They like the East German net bag, nice to hear!

From the “Dental Reporters Notebook, a blog. A very lovely description of Kiosk.

Super Duper, great to be in it!

Like being in the Billboard Top 10, NY Magazine

Wallpaper: the New York City guide, we snuck in, damn!

I.D.! That says enough, a feature!

The NEW YORK POST, whoopie!
2/3rd’s of a page in the paper! nice writing!