Jazzo Six

Jazzo Six

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Electronics, chemicals, sweat, paint

You need some power! We all need it to power through the day. I get sapped of power when the strip delivering it is black or white shiny plastic, like they all are. I try to hide them behind furniture, in boxes, throwing dirty underwear on them - anything to keep the unsightly unsightlyness away from my view. So I started to decorate them slightly. Just enough to not be a statement, but duller and a little splash of color makes my day just a little better. Believe me when I say that my smile is broader when I plug in my electrical crap in this strip. 

This is an actual powerstrip. Just bettered.

As this item is hand done every one is slightly different of course, however, white and red are what I'm into right now.  Made to order, but it's fastish.