Triple Thick Oven Glove

Triple Thick Oven Glove

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6" x 29"

Oven gloves or a MM scarf? Do as you like, here in my home nobody cares. I do bake, although not at a fanatic's pace. I am not kitted out. I move often. I like food and I like to eat but I also appreciate the minimal and the straight. Oven gloves with decor on them or showing a silver finish do not find their way into my home. The silicone gloves, looking at them gives me a rash. And so, this simple cotton glove, which is so typically British to me, has passed through the gates and onto my oven door. Triple thick for safety and comfort, this low tech solution, proven over the years to work and when it is cold in the flat acts as a much appreciated  scarf, hot out of the oven and onto the neck. Hot pies and finish the phrase.

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